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neurontin 300 mg Teeth whitening is safe, affordable cosmetic treatment

Teeth Whitening is a safe procedure used to remove stains and lighten the colour of your teeth, and one of the largest growing cosmetic procedures in the UK. It removes stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine and smoking or if you generally have yellow teeth, we can make them whiter. Teeth whitening is a simple, painless procedure with lasting results. If you are happy with your teeth but want a brighter white smile this treatment is for you.

sportily Home whitening kits approved by the British Dental Association carried out by a trained dental professional

Using top of the range whitening products Bespoke trays and a tailored discussion regarding your preferred end result, safe and easy to use and non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Is Teeth Whitening Safe For My Teeth?

Your tooth whitening is completely safe when carried out by a dentist. We will give you a thorough examination that ensures that teeth whitening your teeth is the best option for you.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Treatment Last?

The length of time will depend on your lifestyle, and maintenance of your teeth. Tea, coffee, smoking and red wine do stain your teeth. However with regular hygiene and dental appointments and practicing good hygiene at home, your teeth can stay white for longer.